No-Loader Test

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No-Loader Test

Philosophy:  The problem doesn’t change because you only have a five-round firearm to solve it.  This course is designed to evaluate basic revolver marksmanship regardless of whether the shooter is using a revolver as a primary or backup option.  There are no timed reloads using speedloaders, but they may be used to administratively load the revolver.

Start Position:  Those working from a pocket may begin each holstered string with their hand in the pocket and gripping the revolver.  If working from an ankle rig, the shooter may begin holstered strings in a kneeling position.  Otherwise, it is suggested that the shooter vary their hand positions between holstered strings (hands by side, hands defensively in front, etc).  Concealment is strongly suggested unless using duty gear as applicable.

Unless otherwise specified, the standard, administrative load for this course of fire is (at least) five rounds.  This will be specified simply as “load”. 

Shooting is freestyle unless otherwise specified.  Ready is defined as the revolver being in the shooter’s hands with the shooter being prepared to fire but with the muzzle not covering any part of the target or the human it represents (no muzzle covering meat).  The shooter may vary ready positions.

Target:  8-inch circle with a 3×5 vertical box in it,  FPS-1 body, or Handgun Combatives Chest Cavity Target.  The 3×5 box is the primary scoring zone.

Scoring:  This is a 100% accountability course of fire.  Any shot outside of the primary or secondary target zone is a failure for the entire course.  To pass with distinction, 20 rounds (80%) must be in the primary scoring area.  Any string over time is a failure.  The course of fire is shot individually on a timer.

Round Count:  25

+P Version:  If/when your skills are to a point that you are consistently shooting the course to a “pass with distinction” level, add a 3×3” Post-it to represent a headbox and shoot the third shot of all three-shot strings to the head (failure drill).  The shot(s) must hit within the 3×3” box.

Three Yards (10 rounds)

1: Draw and fire 3-rounds in 3-seconds.  Go to ready.
2: From ready, fire 2-rounds in 1.5 seconds.  Load and holster.
3:  Strong hand only, draw and fire 3-rounds in 3-seconds.

Transfer revolver to support hand.

4: From ready, support hand only, fire 2-rounds in 2-seconds.  Load and holster.

Five Yards  (Five rounds, 15 aggregate)

5: Draw and fire 3-rounds in 3-seconds.  Go to ready.
6: From ready, fire 2-rounds in  1.5 seconds.  Load and holster.

Seven Yards  (Seven rounds, 22 aggregate)

7: On command, draw to ready and give a verbal command.
On the beep, fire 3-rounds in 3-seconds.  Go to ready.

8: From ready, fire 2-rounds, manually reload with only 2-rounds, and fire 

2-rounds in 15-seconds.  Load with three rounds and holster.

A speedstrip may be used for the manual reload.

10 Yards (Three rounds, 25 aggregate)

9: Draw and fire 3-rounds in 5-seconds.


  1. This one is “sporty”(also hard…)!
    I have not shot it with a snubbie; one run each with a G26 and optics equipped (ACRO) GLOCK 19. Both runs on the Spaulding “Handgun Combatives” chest target, from concealment.
    G26 was a fail-snatched a shot off target area with the shooting hand. With the G19, all shots scored, but only 18 “on card”-so not “with distinction “.
    I look forward to trying with a snub and with distinction.
    Thanks very much for the work!

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