Philosophy & Limitations

I am not a “SWAT cop” as that involves running places and jumping off of perfectly good buildings while hanging onto skinny pieces of rope. I didn’t serve in the Special Forces. I didn’t even serve in the conventional forces. I do have some “tactical” training, and sometimes the guys who actually do that stuff for a living humor me by letting me tag along; usually to watch the back door. If you are looking for fantasy SWAT camp I’m not your guy.

I shoot Glocks and M&Ps. John Moses Browning designed a wonderful personal defense weapon in the form of the Winchester ‘94. Shot placement is more important than caliber; all handgun rounds suck equally, even the .45 ACP.

Team/Small Unit tactics are for people who actually function together in life and not for people who just happened to sign up for the same class and met each other that morning on the range.

I’m not operator enough to refer to my stuff as “kit”.

Questions of ammo type, modifications, etc, are pointless if a shooting isn’t legally justified. If a shooting is legally justified, that won’t magically change depending upon your ammo choices or weapon modifications.

I am classified as a Master in the pistol divisions of IDPA only because IDPA adopted an abbreviated classifier perfectly suited for my skill set as it doesn’t involve running from here to there.  I don’t do nearly as well as my classification in actual matches.   I am a GSSF Master level shooter and do fairly well in GSSF as it involves standing in one place and shooting.

What I offer are classes rooted in sound fundamentals and skills that even a slow, portly guy can accomplish in an environment in which you won’t have to have the latest “tip of the spear” gear and tactical clothing in order to feel welcome although I reserve the right to make fun of those using a Serpa. You won’t need jungle boots, plate carriers, or a knife clenched in your teeth. Feel free to drive to the class site in a normal vehicle. Fast roping out of a helicopter is not required.

I fully respect and defend the right of folks to walk around open carrying and with slung rifles/shotguns as a political statement. If you are such a person, do you respect and defend my right to call you an idiot without your getting indignant?

All of the above hopefully makes the point that my classes are for armed citizens and peace officers who simply want to improve their skills without a lot of hoopla for hoopla’s sake or tied to certain dogma from which the student can’t separate from technique. I want my outlook and, quite frankly, my limitations to be put forward in an upfront and direct manner in hopes that a prospective customer can make an informed decision as to whether or not to expend their time, money, and ammunition on my product. If you can’t live with any of the above, by all means, choose a setting that is more agreeable to your preferences and beliefs.