The TxT Target

I designed the TxT target to be a mult-drill target.  The name “TxT” stands for Tom x Todd as in Tom Givens and Todd Louis Green and their signature drills; the Casino and F.A.S.T. respectively.

TxT (new version)

The bottle shape is from an FBI Q-target.  The larger head box is 3×5″ and contains an inner 3×3″ box.  The larger box is for the F.A.S.T. and the inner box is for the Rangemaster qualification courses.  The chest circle is 8″ and works for both the F.A.S.T. and numerous qualification courses.  The inner chest box is 4×6″ and was put on the target for drills that I run in my own classes.

The target is produced for me by the Gun Fun target company. The prices include shipping, and the unit price per unit drops significantly as the quantity of the order increases.

Note:  The target pictured above is a redesigned version.  The “bottle” and background colors have been reversed from the original version which may still appear on the printer’s web page.