Deliberate Speed Pistol

Course Description: This class is designed to help shooters develop a balance between speed and accuracy appropriate to the difficulty of the target. Students will shoot a series of challenging drills and courses of fire with tight time and accuracy standards. This will be a challenging but rewarding class.

Prerequisite: This is not a course for the first-time student. Enrollment is limited to students who have already completed training from a recognized instructor that included drawing, reloading, etc., under time constraints. Examples of such training are our own Defensive Pistol Skills course, Rangemaster’s Combative Pistol 1, Sparrow Defense Defensive Pistol 1, Precision Applications Combat Handgun, etc. Graduates from a law enforcement academy, Other students may be admitted with approval from the instructor.


  • A quality semi-automatic pistol (at least 6+1 capacity)
  • 300 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye/ear protection and brimmed hat/cap
  • Minimum of three magazines (more suggested for sub 10-round capacity)
  • A quality holster (no Serpas or similar holsters; no flimsy nylon, must allow one-hand holstering)
  • AIWB is allowed but no cross draw or shoulder rigs