Social Shotgun

Social Shotgun

This class focuses on the use of the shotgun as a personal protection or duty tool. Basic operation, combat loading techniques, ammo exchanges, patterning, and transition to a pistol are covered.

A pump-action or semi-automatic shotgun with a tubular magazine capable of holding at least four rounds is required. Additionally, the shotgun must be capable of having rounds loaded through the ejection port. The shotgun must also be equipped with a sling.  Ideally, shotgun barrel lengths should not exceed 20-inches for this course.

Special note:  12 gauge shotguns are strongly preferred.  20 gauge shotguns may be used, but those using 20 gauge will have to be separated to avoid 12 and 20 gauge ammo being mixed together.  Shooters wishing to use any other gauges should consult with the instructor prior to registration.

125 rounds of birdshot, 10 rounds of buckshot, and 10 slugs along with a duty/carry pistol (50 rounds) and support gear including a means to carry spare shotgun ammo (sidesaddle, butt cuff, belt carriers, etc.).

Hearing protection, eye protection and a brimmed hat are also required.

This class is available in private, small group, and open enrollment formats.


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