Social Levergun

Social Levergun

The lever-action rifle has been getting the job done since 1860, and it is still a viable choice for a patrol/social rifle. Basic operation, combat loading techniques,  and weapon transitions are covered.

A centerfire lever-action rifle (80 rounds) and duty/carry pistol (50 rounds) along with support gear are needed to complete the drills. A means of carrying spare rifle ammo (butt cuff, cartridge belt, etc) is needed. Hearing protection, eye protection, and a brimmed hat are required. A rifle with a sling is preferred.  Note: The rifle should be one that allows loading directly into the chamber as well as one with a loading gate in the receiver.

***The drills are designed around a rifle that has a loading gate in the receiver and that allows direct loading into the chamber through the ejection port.***

A rifle only version of the course is also available.

This class is available as a private or small group lesson.



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