Homefront Shotgun

This class focuses on the use of a shotgun for personal protection inside one’s home or business.  Basic operation, loading techniques, and patterning are covered.

The drills for this course are designed around pump and semi-automatic shotguns with tubular magazines.  Your hunting shotgun that does double-duty is welcome in this course; however, you will want to remove the capacity limiting plug.  Ideally, your magazine should be capable of holding four rounds.

Special note:  12 gauge shotguns are strongly preferred.  20 gauge shotguns may be used, but those using 20 gauge will have to be separated to avoid 12 and 20 gauge ammo being mixed together.  Shooters wishing to use any other gauges should consult with the instructor prior to registration.

100 rounds of birdshot and 10 rounds of buckshot are needed.  You also need a means of carrying ammunition on your gun such as a sidesaddle or butt cuff.

This class is available in private or small group lesson.