Lee Weems is the owner and operator of First Person Safety. He has been a Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (POST) certified peace officer since 1999 having been sworn at the local, state, and federal levels and has served as a patrolman, field training officer, detective, supervisor, three terms as Chief Deputy, and currently as an agency training coordinator.  He served two terms as a member of the Board of Directors of the Georgia Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (GALEFI), and he teaches college classes in political science and criminal justice. He received the Distinguished Weapons Expert rating based on his scores in the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers’ Firearms Instructor Training Program.

RM top gun

Lee receiving the Top Gun award from Tom Givens, Rangemaster Firearms Instructor Development Course (2014)

He is a Georgia POST certified general and firearms instructor and is a graduate of the FBI Police Firearms Instructor program and the FBI Law Enforcement Instructor School and has completed the Force Science Institute certification program as well as the FLETC Use of Force Instructor Training Program, Active Shooter Instructor Training Program, and the Basic Tactical Medical Instructor Training Program.  He also holds the Georgia POST Managerial, Supervisory, Field Training Officer, Advanced, and Senior Deputy certifications, and he has been recognized by GALEFI as a Master Firearms Instructor.


RM High Lawman

Lee was the High Lawman at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference match in 2017.

Other notable firearms training includes:

Rogers Shooting School
(Advanced rating)
Rangemaster (Tom Givens): Combative Pistol I
Rangemaster: Firearms Instructor Development Course (Top Gun award)
Rangemaster: Advanced Firearms Instructor Development
Rangemaster: Master Firearms Instructor Development & Certification Course
Rangemaster: Intensive Pistol Skills One Day Format
Rangemaster: Defensive Shotgun Course One Day Format
Rangemaster: Defensive Revolver
Rangemaster: Defensive Shotgun Instructor
Tom Givens & William Aprill: The Unthinkable
Lund Performance and Consulting (Erik Lund): Dynamic Rifle
Lund Performance and Consulting: Performance Shotgun
Lund Performance and Consulting: Rifle/Pistol Low Light
Lund Performance and Consulting: Level II Performance Rifle & Low Light
Lund Performance and Consulting: AK Operator’s Course
Langdon Tactical Technologies (Ernest Langdon): Tactical Pistol Skills
Ken Hackathorn: Advanced Tactical Pistol
Way of the Gun (Frank Proctor): Performance Pistol
ShivWorks (Craig Douglass): Extreme Close Quarters Concepts
GPTSC Shotgun Instructor (40 hours)
GPTSC Semi-Auto III (attended twice, two Advanced certificates)
GALEFI Patrol Rifle Instructor
FBI Patrol Rifle Instructor
S.O.B. Tactical (John McPhee): Carbine Marksmanship Course
Defense Training International (John Farnam): Defensive Handgun/Urban Rifle
Gabe White Training: Pistol Shooting Solutions, Light Pin (2017), Light Pin (2018)
Hardwired Tactical Shooting (Wayne Dobbs): Advanced Pistol Skills
Hardwired Tactical Shooting (Darryl Bolke): One Day Shotgun
Massad Ayoob Group: Deadly Force Instructor
Handgun Combatives (Dave Spaulding): Adaptive Combat Pistol
Handgun Combatives Kinetic Combat Pistol
Handgun Combatives Combative Pistol (Belt Buckle)
Handgun Combatives Advanced Covert Pistol
Handgun Combatives Red Dot Workshop
Handgun Combatives Vehicle Combatives
The Complete Combatant (Brian Hill): 1.5 Day class
Law of Self Defense Instructor Program
Law of Self Defense Level 1 & 2
Gunsite: Shotgun 260
Operation Specific Training: Applied Fundamentals
Combat Shooting And Tactics (Paul Howe): Concealed Carry Tactical Pistol
KR Training (Karl Rehn): Advanced Handgun 1-Day
KR Training: Tactical Scenarios 1-Day
Marksmanship Matters (Larry Mudgett) 4 Day Defensive Pistol Course
Sig Sauer Academy Pistol Mounted Optics Instructor

RM cadre

Lee was one of four instructors chosen by Tom and Lynn Givens to codify and present “The Legacy of the Rangemaster Instructor Training Program”.

Lee earned two belt buckles from Dave Spaulding for shooting the Handgun Combatives Standards in one run and for passing the on-demand 2x2x2 Drill.